Welcome to our new beta website

We hope you’ll find our new website quicker and easier to find the information or services you’re looking for.

The ‘beta’ label means you are looking at an early version of our new website. During the beta phase we will gather feedback and data to make further improvements to how our website looks and works.

How you can help

During this beta phase, we want to fine-tune the site’s content, navigation and layout using your feedback. Some things we’ll be able to change as part of this first phase of work, other things we can include in future phases.

You may encounter occasional broken links or error messages. If so, please let us know - this is what this beta phase is for and your feedback will enable us to improve our website. You can send any comments you have, to [email protected]

What can you expect to find on the beta site?

At the moment, a few core sections are live in our new website style: homepage, news, schools and libraries, health and social care, council tax, waste and recycling, and benefits - as well as a number of smaller sections. More will follow, and we’ll keep you informed as we move areas of our old site to our new site.

We won’t be able to respond to your feedback directly but will collate everything we receive and use it to inform the next stages of development.

Our new site works on different browsers, and is optimised for mobile use, so please try it out on your laptop, tablet and mobile devices. 

Published: June 3rd 2019