Register a birth

To register the birth of your baby you need to make an appointment at one of our offices within 21 days of giving birth.

If the parents of the baby are not married or in a civil partnership with each other they must come together to the appointment if the fathers name should appear on the birth certificate.

Our offices

City Chambers
The Quadrangle
253 High Street
0131 529 2600

30 Ferry Road
EH6 4AE 
0131 529 5520

South Queensferry
53 High Street
South Queensferry
EH30 9HP
0131 331 1590

You can also email your contact details to

[email protected]

and a member of the team will contact you as soon as possible.

Documents to bring

Please bring the card from the hospital where the baby was born and your marriage and birth certificates, if you have them.
If you do not have your birth certificates please bring another form of ID to ensure accurate recording of your names. 

We will issue

  • abbreviated extract of birth which is free of charge
  • EC58 form for the National Health Service which is free of charge
  • full extract which you may require which is charged at statutory fee.

The registration privacy notice explains what happens to personal information when a life event is registered.